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The Tracy Anderson Method – Mat Workout DVD

The Tracy Anderson Method - Mat Workout DVD
“This Mat video is very dear to me because it is the first time I have ever released my muscular structure work to the public. The purpose of this video is to re-engineer your muscular structure, wake up your accessory muscles, pull in your larger muscles and shift your shape into something that you never knew you could achieve.”
Tracy Anderson.

About the Tracy Anderson Method

Make no mistake: getting rid of problem areas on your body truly an art. Your muscles are completely manipulative and your body is a sculpture that you can design. Just be careful who you let sculpt you!

It’s time to ditch the fad diets, the gimmicks, and the one-size-fits-all approach to getting a better body.
With years of research based on her former training as a dancer, Tracy has developed her very own unique approach to fitness. Her method for transforming the body is based on targeting the accessory muscles (the small muscle groups). Strengthening the accessory muscles help to create a tight knit group of small muscles that actually pull in the larger muscle groups. Tracy has also found that muscles become bored quickly. To fight this, she always keeps the muscles guessing by routinely changing up the types of exercises and programs each client does.
This results in a lean figure without the extra bulk – which gives women a tiny dancer body and men a skinny ripped body.
The amount of research that has gone into Tracy’s method and consistency of its results are nothing short of revolutionary for the fitness industry.


The Tracy Anderson MethodMat Workout DVD

The Tracy Anderson Method - Mat Workout DVD

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